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At CEAT, the most important factor in shaping your Careers path is, YOU – it is all about the set of skills, goals and motivations that you bring to work every day.

The main reason people choose to join CEAT is because of the work we do.
The sheer scale of capabilities on the field; rigorous cross functional expertise, managerial action plans and the exercise of cracking tough business challenges differentiate us from most other companies. Our leadership development programs are designed in association with some of the best management institutes in the world, and are supported by development centres that map competencies and identify development needs.

Being at CEAT is all about finding a range of opportunities to learn, grow and expand your expertise through on-the-job experience, and training. It is all about opening up to new possibilities.


Learning & Development (L & D) is a core agenda of HR at CEAT. It comprises a host of ongoing programs that enhance skillsets of our employees. From functional to management to leadership, we cover the entire spectrum of functions and hierarchy in three key sections:

  • Classroom Programs
  • E-learning
This off-the-time job training is imaprted by an expert trainer in a classroom setup.Our popular programs include:
Business Analysis & Decision Making
First Time Manager
Time Management
Finance for Non-Finance
Persuasive Business Communication
Negotiation Skills
Stress Management
Leading High Performance Teams

RPG Virtual Gurukul fulfils the diverse and growing training demands of CEATians. It offers a fully-automated learning medium and web-enabled training solutions spread over 467 courses, on topics ranging from IT professional certifications to Crucial Skills for managers. To ensure effective learning ,the course feature :

Quality content
Graphics and tests
Interactive simulations

How it works:

Gurukul allows a registered user to take a course at his own pace and convenience. Due to layered structure of the curriculum,choosing a training module within a category is easy and the user can monitor the progress made on various courses from time to time on the click of a button. The portal is extremly user friendly and the User Guide provides clear cut instructions for navigation.